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Our organization aims to facilitate international cultural and academic exchange.


Interviews from the Corporate Reorganization Course, August 2018.

Master’s degree in Business Management, Universitat de Lleida. Intercultural TV is hosted by Vicente Godoy Coronado. On this occasion he interviews three distinguished guests: Professor Roberto Coppelli, lawyer Joel González and Doctor Felipe Massardo, tell us about their academic and professional experience at the Corporate Reorganization Course held at Intercultural Educativa.


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Our organization aims to facilitate international cultural and academic exchange. Learn more


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Since 2014, and with the successful issuance of the University Expert/Specialist in Law and Contemporary Politics Program, INTERCULTURAL EDUCATIVA and UNIVERSITAT DE LLEIDA, through its Centre for Lifelong Learning, set out to initiate a fruitful academic relationship for the joint teaching of graduate programs, the University’s own Master's programs and Expert/Specialist programs in the various areas of Administration, Economics and Law. Over time, and given the permanent interest of both Chilean and foreign students in pursuing studies abroad, we have added a number of higher education institutions by way of academic framework agreements: Módena e Reggio Emilia University in Italy, the Universidad de Méndoza in Argentina, and the Emerald Cultural Institute language school in Ireland—all top international institutions through which INTERCULTURAL EDUCATIVA develops its global Study Programs.


Gerardo Coppelli Ortiz

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